This project is no longer maintained and will shut down on 31 December 2019. Thank you for your understanding.


Level up in Habitica by completing todo's in Wunderlist.

Connect with Wunderlist

How it works

1. Connect with Wunderlist

To get started, please log in using your Wunderlist account and allow WunderHabit to get access to your lists and tasks.
If you want to revoke the access, you can do this here, and WunderHabit will no longer receive updates on your productivity.

2. Connect with Habitica

To update your habits on Habitica, WunderHabit needs your User ID and API Token. You can find them in Habitica > Settings > API.

3. Select Lists and Connect Them with Habits

You can choose which Wunderlist lists should be watched by WunderHabit and which Habitica habits should be up-scored.
For example, every time you complete a task from the list Work, the habit productivity is up-scored.

You can always remove connections between lists and habits and even delete all data related to your WunderHabit account.

WunderHabit for Developers

WunderHabit is open-source and available on GitHub, which means you can contribute to the code and even run it on your own server if you like.

If you find any bugs or want to ask a question, please create a GitHub issue.